Blue Mountain Health System Joins St. Luke’s University Health Network

Advanced Practitioner (Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner)- Family Medicine- Quick Care

Job Description

The Advanced Practitioner (Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner) is responsible for assisting in the care of the patient in the family practice and Quick Care setting under the supervision of the Physician. As with any other health care professional, the provider is charged with being a patient advocate within the healthcare system.

  • The physician assistant or nurse practitioner will diagnose and treat patients who present for treatment, obtain a history, perform a physical examination, document the medical record, perform privileged procedures, and provide discharge instructions.
  • Order, prescribe or administer medication, IV fluids as per Pennsylvania State Practice Act, and governed by hospital bylaws.
  • Order and evaluate laboratory and other diagnostic tests.
  • Initiate referrals and consultations as needed.
  • The physician assistant or nurse practitioner will perform privileged procedures as directed: Visual Screening, administer IM, IV SQ Medications/Vaccines, local Anesthesia, Venipuncture, Insert Intravenous Line, Removal of Foreign Bodies, Splint Placement, Apply and Change Dressings, Debridement and Care of Open Wounds, Evacuation of Hematoma/Seroma, Incision and Drainage, Repair and Close Lacerations, Removal of Dermatologic Abnormalities, Removal of Sutures, Ear Irrigation/Cerumen Removal, fluorescein eye stain, Eye Tests/Visual Acuity. Perform physicals.
  • Two years of experience desired

  • Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, Medical Physician Assistant, or Osteopathic Physician Assistant with current license to practice in the state of Pennsylvania

  • Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner must be licensed to treat infant to geriatric populations

  • Must have suturing experience

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  • Hospital Locations

    The hospitals of the Blue Mountain Health System provide a wide array of services at both the Gnaden Huetten and the Palmerton campuses.

    Palmerton Campus

    135 Lafayette Avenue Palmerton , PA 18071

    Gnaden Huetten Campus

    2ll North 12 th Street Lehighton , PA 18235