Our Mission

The mission of the Foundation is to help the Blue Mountain Health System meet its commitment to providing quality health care to people in Carbon and surrounding counties.

Strategy Statement:

The goal of the Foundation is to provide additional funding resources to promote new and expanded services, innovative clinical and out-patient care, and educational opportunities for medical staff.

Moving Forward:

Most non-profit hospitals can trace their early development and growth to the efforts of a few dedicated volunteers who made investments of time, talent and treasure. This was indeed the case for the Gnaden Huetten and Palmerton Hospitals, their Foundations, their Auxiliaries and other community groups and individuals who played a key role in the success of these institutions over the years.

The nation’s healthcare industry is very competitive and ever-changing, which places a daunting and expensive challenge on our small, rural, community hospitals to keep pace. This is precisely the reason why the Palmerton and Gnaden Huetten  came together in July 2004 to create the Blue Mountain Health System. And now many years after the merger, our community continues to invest in the health system.

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  • Hospital Locations

    St Luke's Gnaden Huetten Campus and St. Luke's Palmerton Campus provide a wide array of quality, health care services.

    St Luke's Palmerton Campus

    135 Lafayette Avenue Palmerton, PA 18071

    St. Luke's Gnaden Huetten Campus

    2ll North 12 th Street Lehighton, PA 18235