Adult Partial Hospitalization Program

Adult Partial Hospitalization Program

Blue Mountain Health System’s Acute Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for adults is a non-residential intensive, and multidisciplinary program serving adults 18 years and older with mental health disorders. The program is a distinctive level of care providing extension clinical services on an individualized basis. It is an alternative to hospitalization for clients not requiring 24-hour supervision but still requiring a high degree of therapeutic support.

The primary goal of the Acute Partial Hospitalization Program is to increase or maintain the level of patient functioning, so as to return the patient to a less restrictive level of care in as short a time as possible. The treatment team hopes to provide the patients with tools necessary to cope with their living, learning, and, when appropriate, working environments and to prevent the recurrence of the symptoms which necessitated hospitalization.

In order to achieve its goals and objectives the Acute Partial Hospitalization Programs philosophy is based on a Recovery Model of treatment. Recovery emphasizes that while individuals with mental illness may not be able to have full control over their symptoms, they can have full control over their lives. Recovery asserts that persons with psychiatric disabilities can achieve not only effective stability and social rehabilitation, but transcend limits imposed by both mental illness and social barriers to achieve their highest goals.


  1. To communicate to patients that hope and restoration of a meaningful life are possible, despite serious mental illness
  2. To divert patients from acute psychiatric inpatient units
  3. To return patients to the community at an optimal level of functioning
  4. To perform a comprehensive evaluation of the patient including an assessment of mental, social, physical, recreational and educational/occupational status
  5. To establish an accurate diagnosis and develop a comprehensive list of patient problems, strengths and weaknesses
  6. To develop a comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment plan directed towards reduction of patient problems and symptoms
  7. To promote a sense of responsibility in the patient for his/her treatment outcome through participation in the treatment planning process
  8. To facilitate and promote the development and/or maintenance of healthy social and familial relationships
  9. To regularly monitor program goals and objectives and evaluate program performance


Comprehensive Services

Our experienced and compassionate interdisciplinary team offers a holistic approach to treating the complex problems of mental illness. The professional team includes a Psychiatrist, Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Social Worker, Behavioral Therapist, Art & Music Therapist and Behavioral Health Registered Nurse who are all trained to assist patients in their self-discovery, learning and recovery process. The Center offers:

  • Confidential psychiatric and medical evaluation
  • 24-hour skilled nursing care
  • Individualized care plans
  • Licensed social worker services
  • Diagnostic services
  • Neurological evaluation as ordered
  • Life skill training and activities
  • Individualized family and group therapy
  • Physical and occupational therapy as ordered
  • Aftercare planning with patient and family
  • Individualized discharge and recovery monitoring
  • Spiritual care available


All patients referred to the Center are assessed by a mental health professional to determine the need for treatment. Patient must meet the following criteria before consideration for admission:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Evaluated with a primary psychiatric diagnosis requiring acute
  • partial treatment
  • Medical clearance for admission
  • Must be able to participate in a therapeutic setting and treatment
  • program


The Blue Mountain Health System Acute Partial Hospitalization Program accepts referrals and inquiries from healthcare and community providers, individuals and family members 24 hours a day. All assessments are confidential. For patient referrals or more information, please call (610) 852-4061.

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