Hyperbaric & Wound Healing Center

Good news for people with wounds.

Hyperbaric and Wound Healing Center

Hyperbaric and Wound Healing Center

The Hyperbaric & Wound Healing Center focuses on treating chronic wounds – ones that won’t heal without special attention, such as ulcers brought on by diabetes or damaged veins in the leg. The center also treats surgical wounds that have not healed as well as arterial ulcers, burns and vascular wounds.

Injured tissues begin the healing process immediately, but some wounds don’t heal as quickly or completely as they should. Poor circulation, obesity, malnutrition, diabetes, age and smoking could all be contributing factors. If a wound has not improved significantly in four weeks or if it has not completed the healing process in eight weeks, it is considered a chronic, non-healing wound.

One of the most intriguing forms of treatment at the Hyperbaric & Wound Healing Center is hyperbaric oxygen therapy . This therapy capitalizes on the crucial role oxygen plays in the healing process. With hyperbaric oxygen therapy, patients increase the oxygen level in their blood by breathing 100 percent oxygen in a pressurized chamber. This quantity of oxygen has been shown to aid the healing and infection control processes of the body for some patients by promoting the growth of capillaries and decreasing the accumulation of fluids in the cells and tissues. Wounds that typically respond to hyperbaric oxygen therapy include burns, interstitial bleeding, diabetic ulcers, crush injuries, bone infections, skin grafts and radiation ulcers and injury.

The Hyperbaric & Wound Healing Center is located at Sixth and Iron Streets, Lehighton. For more information, please call 610-377-8228.

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